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Red - A Red Riding Hood Parody

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Based on LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, but with a twist. Rebecca’s goal is to arrive safe at Grandma’s house, only she has lost her phone and needs to retrieve it. She encounters a dog named Dawg and talks with him to gain information regarding her phone.

Mobile Phone that is the object of the game

Genre - Point-and-click adventure in 2 ½ D.

Setting - Modern day, inner city.


Example of Dialogue


This is another game that I am very proud of. I created this in Level Design.

Red Riding Hood Parody

Scene of RED


Rebecca and her mother are on their way to grandma’s house when her mother’s mobile phone rings. Mum takes the call then tells Rebecca to go straight to Grandma, and she will come as soon as she can. Rebecca knows her mother will come later. But when she checks to see if she has her phone, it is not there. So, Rebecca goes back along the pavement to look for it.

She finds a dog named Dawg and asks him where her phone is, but he says that he can’t remember and asks for some food to help his memory. After getting Dawg some food, Dawg tells her that her phone was picked up by a stranger in a building, three houses away from the butcher. The stranger is Mr. Wolf. Rebecca needs to go to Mr. Wolf’s house to get her phone back. She goes to Mr. Wolf to see if her phone is there, but she dares not go near Mr. Wolf as he might kidnap her.

After distracting Mr. Wolf with a sausage, she sneaks into his house and retrieves her phone. Now that she has her phone, Rebecca goes straight to Grandma’s house.

Act 1 Prologue

City Streets

Exterior - Early Evening

Red Riding Hood Parody

Scene – Modern road with shops on both sides as well as buildings.

The layout of the whole game so far

Mum: You are going to love spending time with Grandma.

Girl (Around ten years old): I don’t want to go. Can’t I just stay home with you?

Mobile phone rings. Mum picks up phone.

Mum: Reece! Yes, yes, I’m coming as soon as I can. I just have to-

Girl: Mum? Mummy?

Mum: Shh, I’m talking.

Girl: Look mum there is a bird’s nest in that tree.

Mum: Shh, Rebecca. Mummy will buy you whatever you want, just please, please, please be quiet.

Rebecca: Please Mummy, I just want you.

Mum: Sweetheart, I will spend all the time you want, only tomorrow. Mummy’s new boyfriend is coming over. Please say you understand. Please, please, please.

(Just hang on Reece.)

Rebecca: Yes, Mummy.

Mum: That’s my good girl. Now can you be Mummy’s big girl.

Rebecca nods.

Mum: Good girl! See that street light?

Rebecca nods again.

Red Riding Hood Parody

Mum: Grandma’s house is just past that light. It’s the very next house. We’re almost there.

Rebecca: But Mummy-

Mum: Just this once. It isn’t as if you haven’t been there before. You know the house, don’t you?

Rebecca nods.

Rebecca: I can talk to animals, but I can’t talk to my mother.

Mum: OK, give Mummy a kiss and I will see you later tonight. OK?

Rebecca: OK, Mummy.

Mum: That’s my big girl! (She gives Rebecca a hug then turns and waves.) I’ll call you!

Cut Scene Ends. Start Gameplay.

Street light

Rebecca: Better check to see if I have my phone with me.

Rebecca shoves her hand into her pocket.

Press SpaceBar for inventory.

(Inventory comes up and it is empty.)

Rebecca: Hey! My phone is gone?

Press Space Bar to exit inventory

Rebecca: “I can either go back to find my phone to the left or go to Grandma on the right. Mum will be angry if I lost my phone.”

(Tries to go right, she stops and says mum will be angry if I don’t have my phone)

Rebecca looks for phone, but instead sees feather on ground. Click on feather to pick up


(Right Grandma, left way you came)

Accept call to adventure.

Act 2 Left to find phone

Fire Hydrant

The street light to the right and Dawg to the left.

Fire Hydrant

(Walks along street to Fire Hydrant)

(Objects: Hydrant and Dog)

(Actions: Dog is sniffing hydrant)


(If talk to dog)

   Dawg: What? I’m a dog! And this is a hydrant! What do you expect?


  • Have you seen my phone?
  • Don’t bite me!
  • Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.
  • Oops sorry! I’ll just go!)

(If select “Have you seen my phone”)


   Go back to start, but remove first choice

(If select “Don’t bite me!”)

   Dawg: Little girls don’t taste good1 I know! I’ve tried!

   Go back to start, but remove second choice

Fire Hydrant

(If select “Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt”)

   Dawg: I can’t go if you’re looking!

   (Rebecca turns around)

   (Dawg runs behind the hydrant and pees!)

   Dawg: aaaHHH!!!! Sweet Relief!

   (Stops peeing)

   Dawg: When you got to go, you got to go! You can look now. Now how can I help you?”

   Go to main conversation

(If select “Oops sorry! I’ll just go!”)

   Dawg: “Well not here! This spot is mine!”

   Rebecca starts to cry

   Dawg: Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t cry. How can I help?

   Go to main conversation

Main conversation


  • “I lost my phone. I’m scared that my mum is going to get mad at me.”
  • “I better go! (exit)”)

Mobile Phone that is the object of the game

(If select “I’m sorry I lost my phone. I’m scared that my mum is going to get mad at me.”)

   Dawg: We can’t have that! What’s a phone?

   Rebecca: It’s something you talk into.

   Dawg: Like I’m talking to you?

   Rebecca: No! no. It’s small and black and buttons on it.

   Dawg: Oh! One of those! I might have seen something. Only I’m hungry. If you get me something to eat, that might help my memory.

   Rebecca: okay! I’ll see what I can do

   End Conversation

(If select “I better go!”)

   Dawg: “Well not here! This spot is mine!”

   (End Conversation)

(If talks to Dawg after knowing Dawg wants meat)

   Dawg: Got my meat yet?

   End Conversation

(If use meat on Dawg)

   She hands it to him. Dawg eats it in one gulp.

   (Replace bag of two sausages with one sausage and a small brown paper bag)

   Dawg: I think I saw someone pick up something that might be your phone! He entered the third house from the butcher shop.


   Rebecca: Thanks!

   (Can access third house)

   End Conversation

(If talks to dog after giving him a piece of meat)

   Dawg: Do you mind! I just ate! I got to go again! Just go to the third house!

   End Conversation

(If use coin on dog)

   Dawg: I can’t eat that. It just comes straight out. Trust me I’ve been there.


(If use feather on dog)

   Rebecca: Tickle Tickle!

   Dawg: Stop! You’re going to make me pee!

   Rebecca: Ew!

   Backs off. End conversation

Fire Hydrant

(If use bag on dog)

   Dawg: It is only number one. Not number two.

(If use last sausage on dog)

   Rebecca(self): I better save this for later

Fire Hydrant


(If looks at fire Hydrant)

   Rebecca: This fire Hydrant stinks!

   Dawg: Er…Look I’m a dog what do you expect?

Three houses

(Objects: House one, House two, House three, cat, tree, coin)

(If interact with any house)

   Rebecca: It’s rude to walk on a stranger’s front yard



(If Interact with cat)

   Rebecca: Nice Kitty!

   Cat: Get Away!!! Hiss!

   Rebecca is shocked, backs off

(If use feather on Cat)

   Rebecca: I think there is a bird up there!

   Cat: Yeah right!

   Rebecca: No really look at this feather!

   Cat: Really? Well in that case…

   Cat jumps up into tree to find bird

   (Cat is removed from scene)


(If Interact with coin)

   Rebecca: Can I have that…

   Rebecca reaches for coin

   Cat: Get Away!!! Hiss!

   Rebecca is shocked, backs off

(If interact with coin after cat is gone)

   Rebecca puts coin in inventory


(If Rebecca interacts with tree)

   Rebecca: “No leaves”



The shopping area. The Pawn shop and Toy store are shut.

Exterior: butcher shop door, butcher shop window, pawn shop door, pawn shop window, toyshop door, toyshop window

Butcher shop Window

(If look through window)

   Rebecca: Every dog’s dream

Butcher shop Door

(If enter door)

   Rebecca goes to the interior of butcher shop


The Butcher shop. The butcher is plump to show that the food is good. The fact that the sausages are on special give a hint on what to buy.

Butcher shop interior: Butcher, bag of two sausages


(If talk to butcher without coin)

   Butcher: Hello little girl! Can I help you?

   Rebecca: Can I buy a sausage, please?

   Butcher: Sure! One dollar each!

   Rebecca: I’ll go find some money!

   Butcher: Thank you come back again!

   Rebecca: Do you say that to every customer? Even the ones who haven’t bought anything?

   Butcher: Yes, I’m very hopeful!


To be Continued…


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