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Tim Fuller

Game Designer

Tim Fuller

I tell stories using games.

Games that have inspired me are:

    Celeste, Horizon Zero Dawn, Undertale, Spiderman, Hue, King’s Quest, Personna 5, OctoDad, Gravity Rush, Inner World.

I make narrative-driven games with characters that stay with you, long after the games have ended.

In 2021, I started work on a passion project.

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Click on the banner to learn more about the Peranakans. Also known as the Babas and the Nonyas.

Baba Malay is the language of the Peranakans.

A language that is about to become extinct, with less than a thousand speakers worldwide.

Together with my mother, the Southeast Asian author Theresa Fuller, we are hoping to make a difference.

After a lot of hard work, the first book was published on the 6th of September 2022, with the second book following on the 9th of September 2022.

There are now 5 books in the series.

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Click on the banner to be taken to the Baba Malay Homepage

The Baba Malay Today series is an ongoing project with more books to come. And a game - Kampong Kanchel.

You can find out more about me on linkedin


Current Project - WIP


Kampong Kanchel

Kampong Kanchel is an adventure game set in 1900s Malaysia.

Kanchel is a popular character well-known by anyone who has grown up in Malaysia and Singapore. As a cheeky mousedeer, Sang Kancil, tricks tigers, crocodiles and monkeys as he makes his way about the Malaysian jungle.

genre - adventure

Sang Kanchel

Artwork by Isabella Latorre


Student Projects




Pirate Adventure


Pirate Adventure

Click on the image above to find out the reasoning behind how I created a slice of the game.


Two newly orphaned sisters must find pirate treasure or be separated...

Genre - adventure

Setting - Modern day, suburbia.

Click on the video below for a sample of gameplay as well as the opening cutscene.




Red Riding Hood Parody

Click on the image above for sample dialogue.


Based on LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, but with a twist.

Rebecca’s goal is to arrive safe at Grandma’s house, only she has lost her phone and needs to retrieve it. She encounters a dog named Dawg and talks with him to gain information regarding her phone.

Genre - Point-and-click adventure in 2 ½ D.

Setting - Modern day, inner city.


Reef Racer


Sell Sheet for Reef Racer

Genre - gokart with a twist


Zero G


Ideas for a space track


Curtin University


Two toothbrushes tired of their lot in life plan a daring escape

Sword in the Stone

Bus Stop


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